Hi, I am Draylar!

I specialize in Java and happen to know a lot about Minecraft development. You can find my mod projects across various channels on YouTube.

Skill Evaluation

I am proficient or familiar with...

Java JavaFX Fabric

Python JavaScript HTML CSS Forge Spigot Git nodeJS

I have dabbled with (still learning!)...

Rust C++ C Bash Kotlin TypeScript Spring Linux Server Management

Coolest Projects

I always look out for new project ideas so I can learn more & improve my skills.

Minecraft Modding

I manage Minecraft mod projects with over 12 million downloads and dozens of millions of views in YouTube videos.

Rose Reader

Rose is a WIP modern .epub reader and library manager designed in JavaFX for all desktop platforms.

Invis URL

A simple invisible URL generator written & Rust & the standard front-end suite. Perfect for friendly pranks.

Covid Dashboard

A Covid19 statistic tracking dashboard powered by covid19api and disease.sh.

Trig Identitity Learning

My personal learning exercise in JS which provides a simplew ay to practice and memorize trigonometric identities.

Minecraft Mapper

Minecraft Mapper is a node.JS web service which can map intermediary Minecraft logs to the Yarn mapping set.


A naïve Java implementation of Voronoi / Worley noise. Powered by KdotJPG's OpenSimplex2 library.

Simple Goals

A goal planning app built in a team final project for a Software Development course.


timechart is a time-tracking application for people working at home.


eat@unwsp is a simple and intuitive menu site for students at UNWSP.


Built for assisting an unpublished research paper by another group, CStatistics parses and re-formats government Covid19 data.


A horrific beautiful library for storing image files with JSON.